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I love it!!! You have incredible potential keep it up! :)

Troxath responds:

Thanks so much! :D

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You don't even know the trouble I went through to find this, so a few years back when I was playing a bootleg fake GD it used this song. The app was very glitchy, and it was horrible gameplay but the song (this song) was so good I had to find it. So I played with the app to make it glitch out and it started playing the song and I wasn't doing the level. So I listened to the whole song and when it said invisible I was like that could be the name of the song, so I searched it up "invinceble" and then I saw a few songs, after like the fifth one I found it and, MY God it has been my favorite song since. This happened in 2013, and then in 2016 I got a phone and 10 dollars so I bought GD, and this was the first song that I download, and then my phone was running out of space so I deleted some songs and then I accidentally hit clear all. And my heart stopped. I went back to the level I had with it and it said it wasn't allowed in GD. And I almost cried. Sorry for going off about this song. This song is the reason why I play GD and make music, this song pretty much made me find what I love.

<3 no words

:O it's so good omg, I can picture demons killing each other in space for some reason! Ahhhhhhhh I can't get over this! Good job!!!!!!


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